What a day for a marathon relay. No ice this year to hamper the runners or rain to dampen the excitement of the kids. The race was on, but this year a surface change and a move to the grass.

2hr 31 mins 17secs was the time to beat so the challenge was on. More children participated this year with some teachers and parents also taking part. It was the children that done the most of the leg work, completing  100’s of laps of the circuit to reach that 42km target.

After a long school day with a huge amount of leg work put in by the kids the challenge was done.

2hrs 31mins 50secs

So close to last years time but a super effort none the less. It’s all about the taking part that counts and the kids had a super day and could have ran an ultra marathon with all the energy and running speed that was on display.

Thanks to all the volunteers  for organizing such a great day, parents that turned up to support, parents & others that supported by sponsoring the kids, Chalkbox for their event sponsorship, teachers that helped and most of all the kids for their high energy and super effort. This fundraiser provides great support to the school and directly benefits our kids in learning support and extra curricular activities.

Role on next year and keep up those daily miles.

Marathon Relay Finish Line