6th class engaged in many ‘heated’ debates on a variety of topics over the past few weeks. These debates included; ‘Who Has is Easier, Girls or Boys?’, ‘Should Dolphins Be Kept in Captivity?’, ‘Advertising to Children Under the Age of 12’, ‘Is it Fair For People to Own More Than One House?’ and ‘One Must Take an Intelligence Test Before They Can Vote’. I think it is safe to say there may be a few future politicians in the class.

Irish Play ‘Grease’

Well done to 6th class for putting on an outstanding performance of their play ‘Grease’ as gaeilge. Future Hollywood actors in the making!

The Crocus Project

The Crocus Project is an Irish initiative whereby the Holocaust Education Trust Ireland provides yellow crocus bulbs to plant in autumn in memory of one and a half million Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust and thousands of other children who were victims of Nazi atrocities. The crocus blooms at the end of January or beginning of February, around the time of international Holocaust Memorial Day (27th January).