On Friday 11th of December, Lismullen NS 4th class took part in a virtual workshop with artist Deirdre Rogers from Solstice Art Centre. Based on their current exhibition New Era – Exploring Climate Change, the children focused on the artworks of Martina O’Brien and her fascination with the effects of climate change from the coral reefs in the North East Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland.

The children looked at Google Earth and discovered the distance between their school and the Porcupine Bank (over 450km), the reef explored by scientists on the research vessel the Celtic Explorer. They watched a short video of the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) that was lowered on to the Bank. With cameras on all four sides it can video at depths up to 8,000 feet below sea level and captured the coral living in complete darkness for over a thousand years!

Becoming deep sea explorers, the children and Ms. Cremins imagined their own coral reef, drawing creatures and plants of the very, very deep. They then cut out their ROV torch and scanned their ocean floor for sea life and sunken treasure.


(Thanks to Martina O’Brien for the above image)

Solstice Arts Centre’s New Era and Lismullen NS virtual workshop