Here at Lismullen NS we engage in the Active Schools Programme using a variety of ways to get our young kids up and moving whether it be our Physical Education programme or other sports. Children have the opportunity to engage in sports such as gaelic football, rounders, hurling, camogie, swimming, athletics, tennis & rugby. The children also participate in Active Schools Week and many other sporting activities take place during the school year.

Sport has been an integral part of life in Lismullen N.S. particularly in the last 25 years or so. The fantastic asset of a green area behind the school has contributed greatly to the participation by the children in many and varied sporting activities over the years.

Gaelic Games:

Gaelic Football is geographically very strong in the general area where Lismullen N.S. is situated and of course Walterstown G.F.C is largely responsible for this. Inter schools primary football became firmly established in Meath in 1979 with the formation of Cumann na mBunscol. While only enjoying limited success in the early years a breakthrough was made in 1991 by winning the County title and since then the school has enjoyed unprecedented success winning it many times, the most recent being 2015. The boys team, captained by John Cullen, overcame Kentstown in a thrilling final in Páirc Tailteann.


Girls teams were entered in more recent years and have brought honour and glory to our school winning their first title in 1997 and their most recent in 2015, captained by Jennifer Lynch. The girls put on a fantastic display bringing home the double & The Pat Sheridan Cup to a very proud Lismullen National School.

In recent years, the children have received regular gaelic football coaching from Walterstown GFC’s Games Promotion Officer, Sarah Doran. This link between club & school is what community spirit is all about. We also have a dedicated team of teachers & parents providing after-school coaching to both boys’ & girls’ teams for the duration of the Cumann na mBunscol campaigns.


Mini-leagues run on our school pitch in the Summer term, for younger children, and prove invaluable for improving the skills of the game and giving everybody a chance to play Gaelic.


The “Irishman’s” cricket game has been played with gusto for many years in Lismullen N.S.. Many a battle was fought against ‘local’ opposition on our school pitch with disputed decisions and cries of ‘out’ the order of the day. Both our girls and boys have had success at county level, the boys winning three titles and the girls winning four. 6th Class round off their time in Lismullen by playing a rounders match against the teachers in their last few days at the school. This event brings great fun, rivalry, camaraderie and jovial sparring and is loved by all.



Every Spring term, our children, from first to sixth, go to the swimming pool for lessons and as a result by the time they arrive at 6th class they have reached a high degree of proficiency. Many thanks to the Parents Association without whose assistance this venture would not be possible.


Tag rugby coaching regularly takes place in the summer terms. This year it is hoped all children from third to sixth will receive rugby training through Meath Local Sports Partnership who have teamed up with the IRFU and Leinster Rugby.


Our school takes part in the Primary Schools’ Futsal Programme.


The children from Lismullen take part in the Cumann na mBunscol Cross Country Championships. The children also take part in an annual School Marathon Run which is great fun.


Cycle training is provided to sixth class this year in conjunction with the Meath Local Sports Partnership.

Active School Flag

The Active School Flag process seeks to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. In order to achieve the Active School Flag schools must firstly self-evaluate and then plan, implement and monitor improvements across the following areas:

PHYSICAL EDUCATION • PE Planning and Curriculum • Resources • Professional Development

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY • Physical Activity during Break Times • Physical Activity throughout the School Day • Physical Activity throughout the School Year • Extra-Curricular Activities • Active Travel

PARTNERSHIPS • Working with Pupils • Working with Parents • Working with the Local Community • Working with National Agencies

ACTIVE SCHOOL WEEK Schools must have completed at least one ASW prior to applying for the ASF and thereafter include it as part of their annual school calendar.

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