Summer Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,
School holidays seem strange this year after the few months we’ve had.   We sincerely thank you for your support in educating the children through these difficult times.   We are now working to get the school and classes ready for an “anticipated” full return to school come Thursday 27th August.
Lots of children have missed out on some of the most enjoyable parts of school life like Sports Day, Graduation, the Sacraments etc. but the most important thing is that we’ve all come out the far side healthy.
Confirmation is going ahead on Saturday 19th September.   Communion is a logistical nightmare for Fr.

Remembering Kaitlyn

The school community of Lismullen N.S. are deeply saddened by the news of Kaitlyn Doyle’s untimely death. Our condolences and prayers go out to Mick, Darina, Orla her sister and of course Daniel and Mikey her two brothers. Kaitlyn will always be remembered with love and affection by all the staff in Lismullen. She was a bright and vibrant pupil with an innate kindness that emanated from her naturally.

We’ve been looking at some old photographs of her with her classmates who must also be shocked and trying to cope with the loss of their friend at so young an age.… READ MORE

Filming at Tayto Park

How lucky were 3rd & 4th Class to be invited to the filming of the latest Tayto advert for TV. We were so excited!!! The children were filmed playing on all the activities, which they could enjoy for free!! Some children were given specific instructions by the Director of the advert, which was really interesting. They saw how much hard work goes into making a very short TV ad. We can’t wait to see the finished product which will appear on TV screens next summer. Here’s a sneak preview in pictures. Thanks to Tayto for inviting us 🙂