A Visitor from The Heritage in Schools Council

Paddy Madden, from The Heritage in Schools Council, opened the minds of junior infants to the world of nature. On our nature walk we identified trees in our school and learned some interesting facts. We discovered that the leaves of the beech tree are asymmetrical, elderflower cordial can be made from the flower of the elder tree and that the wood of the hazel tree is very flexible. Enjoy the pictures below.

Planting Peas

We are enjoying the marvels of nature and watching our pea plants grow. Scooping up the compost, placing the seeds in the pots and pouring the water all take fine motor control and strength. After planting their seeds the children became curious about what will happen next and are enthusiastically monitoring the plants progress each day. Thank you to Ms Galligan for providing us with all the supplies required.

The Science Behind Popcorn

Did you know that a kernel of popcorn contains a tiny amount of water? As the kernel heats up the water turns into steam and as the water expands it puts pressure on the kernel. Eventually the popcorn ruptures, flipping the kernel inside out to release the steam inside! Mmmm, fluffy popcorn! Enjoy the pictures below.