Shadow Fun

P1010690 P1010691 P1010692 P1010693 P1010694 P1010695 P1010696 P1010697 P1010698 P1010699 P1010700 P1010701 P1010702 P1010703 P1010704 P1010705 P1010706 P1010707 P1010708 P1010709 P1010710 P1010711 P1010712 P1010713 P1010714 P1010715 P1010716 P1010717 P1010718 P1010719 P1010720 P1010721 P1010722 P1010723 P1010724 P1010725 P1010726 P1010727Having investigated shadows in science over the last two weeks, we thought it would be great fun to make some ‘Shadow Puppets’ in our art lesson on Friday.

We had great fun creating shadows on the whiteboard with our puppets and discovering how to make the shadows bigger and smaller!

I’m sure there was further exploring at home with bedside lamps and torches:)